Amber Leaf tobacco leaves are hand-stripped to produce a longer cut of the leaf for an easier roll. Over 100 years of tobacco blending have allowed them to optimise the amber leaf cut, width and moisture. When you're rolling, you want quality, not compromise. Quality comes from the way Amber Leaf is grown, cut and packed. You'll know when you roll, it's more than rolling, it's crafting your moment. So whatever your rolling style, you'll make a perfect "rollup" every time. This 3 in 1 pack of Amber Leaf contains 30g of rolling tobacco along with a pack of medium sized rolling papers and filter tips. Wherever you may be, its always possible to run out of tobacco! and its just the worst thing as any tobacco smoker knows. Worst of all when its late and your nearest off licence is shut right? Well we can deliver tobacco whenever you need them so don't hesitate to give our 24 hour tobacco delivery line a call, and let us help those darn cravings! 

Amber Leaf 3in1 30 grams