Ciroc Summer Watermelon, is a refreshing watermelon flavoured vodka that Is available for a limited time only so order it with our 24 hour off licence delivery service while its still here! Ciroc watermelon vodka is an eruption of flavour and for any watermelon fan is an absolute must try!

Ciroc vodka is an elegant tasting spirit made with vodka that has been distilled 5 times from beautiful French grapes, perfected in a unique copper pot in Southern France. Ciroc vodka was founded by Robicquet who had previously worked for cognac maker Hennessy for ten years! The would-be Ciroc innovator was approached by Alcohol typhoon Diageo about manufacturing a premium vodka that would be made primarily from grapes rather than grain. Ciroc vodka was born from this partnership but since 2007 Ciroc vodka has had a 50/50 partnership with Sean Combes, who deals with the Ciroc vodka marketing and promotion.

This variation of Ciroc vodka is masterfully infused with a rich blend of Summer Watermelons and other natural flavours, resulting in a mouthwatering experience that is prestigiously different and uniquely smooth. Enjoy Ciroc Summer Watermelon vodka on the rocks or mixed in your favorite Summer cocktail. 

Ciroc Watermelon

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  • Type Spirits
    ABV 37.5%
    Units 26.3