Fosters beer was founded by William and Ralph Foster in 1888 and quickly made a name for itself in its home city of Melbourne. Fosters replaced the prior ales that the British had brought with them. Aussies loved the sharp taste and ice-cold refreshment that Fosters beer provided. In fact, keeping the beer cold was the top priority for William and Ralph. 1888 was a scorcher of the summer, and the hot temperatures and bush fires were a constant threat to the the locals’ new favourite beer.  The brothers built 6 miles of pipeline to keep their lager chilled with sea water, and even set up their own fire brigade to protect their precious brewery! Thats how hard Fosters worked to produce the beer we know and love today. And we’re so glad that they did! Today, 1.9 million pints of Fosters lager every day, and you can find us in 36,000 pubs across the UK, not to mention every single off licence that sells alcohol!


Foster's Lager is an internationally distributed brand of lager. Foster's annual sales amount to around 500 megalitres worldwide, largely impacted by UK sales, where it is the second highest selling beer.


Foster's beer is a light, golden lager with a regular malt character. It can be described as an easy-drinking beer with an elegant fruity hop aroma and a well rounded taste. Foster's beer rolls of the tongue leaving a clean crisp finish and has an alcohol percentage of 5%ABV. You will always be able to find this legendary beer at an off licence near you, but if its shut then our 24 hour off licence delivery service can sort you out in no time!

Fosters Beer