Ginnis is a confectionary producer that delivers a wide range of nuts, snacks and sweets from around the world offering a variety of different flavours.

Pear Drops are orangey pink and yellow boiled sweets with a wonderful flavour of pears. Totally delicious! Who would have thought that of all the fruit flavours available, the flavour of the humble pear would become such a classic, iconic sweet! Pear Drops are deliciously sweet, and the wonderful pear scent gives hints of its potential potent pear flavour. Being peckish late at night when your nearest off licence isnt open can be quite fustrating as there are few 24 hour snack delivery services. Yourtwenty4 is a 24 hour off licence delivery service that aims to solve the problem of not being able to get lat night snack delivery near you. Our snacks delivery service can provide you with a range of snacks, including pear drops for late night delivery, so be sure to check our 24 hour snacks menu rather than struggling typing in 24 hour snacks delivery near me. Pear drops are the perfect sweet to go with whatever alcohol you may be getting so why not add some pear drops from our 24 hour off licence delivery service.

Ginnis Pear Drops