Johnnie Walker is one of the most prolific, premium whiskies our delivery service, not to mention the world, has to offer. Johnnie Walker Black Label is a perfectly balanced whisky crafted using single malt and grain whiskies drawn from Scotland. Johnnie walker black label also features whiskies from more than 29 distilleries - all aged for a minimum of 12 years.


The founder John Walker was born on 25 July 1805. To start, the proceeds of £417 were invested in an Italian warehouse, grocery, and wine and spirits shop on the High Street in Kilmarnock, Scotland.


Johnnie Walker managed the segment as a teenager in 1820 and then switched to dealing mainly in whisky. Since blending grain and malt whiskies was still banned, he sold both blended malt whiskies and grain whiskies. Johnnie Walker began using his name on labels years later, selling a blended malt as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky.  He died in 1857 leaving his son Alexander to inherit the business. After Johnnie Walker's death it was his son and grandson Alexander Walker II who were largely responsible for establishing the whisky as a favoured brand.


Alexander Walker had introduced the brand's signature square bottle in 1865, it was the first commercial blend called Old Highland Whisky, before registering it in memory of his late ancestor Johnnie walker in 1867.


Johnnie Walker Whiskys aroma is sweet and fruity with a touch of peat. This leads to a sultry palate of warm grain and oak with vanilla and butter undertones,  and has notes of toffee and dark fruits before a uniquely smoky finish. Johnnie Walker is the most premium whisky we have available with our 24 hour off licence delivery service and we don't doubt it will disappoint.


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Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky

  • Type Spirits
    ABV 40%
    Units 28