Lamb's is a dark, tannic, traditional Navy rum. In 1849, a young wines 
and spirit entrepreneur called Alfred Lamb took the time and trouble to 
blend no fewer than 18 superior rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad 
and Guyana to create the Lambs Navy Dark Rum we now know and love.


Alfred Lamb has been the purveyor of the smoothest, finest rums since 
1849 so it was only right that we added Lambs Navy Rum to our selection for late night alcohol delivery.


At a time where others crudely squeezed sugar beets to make their 

rum, Alfred fought to define his rum as the spirit distilled from pure 
sugar cane, venturing across the Caribbean Sea to identify the perfect 
rum bases for his dark rum.


Legend has it that Alfred used a specific bottle shape for 
his Lambs Navy rum so that it wouldn't roll off his ship's table during his rough, courageous voyages. We still use this distinctive bottle today for 
Alfred Lamb's genuine Demerara rum.

Lambs Navy Dark Rum 750ml/75cl

  • Type Liqueur
    ABV 40%
    Units 28