Lanson is a Champagne producer that is based in Reims in the Champagne region of France. Since 2006, it has been owned by the Lanson-BCC but was founded in 1760 by Francis Delamonte. He was ultimately suceeded by his son Nicholas Louis in 1798 who merged with Jean-Baptise Lanson who eventually named the champagne company Lanson et Cie.

By the late 19th century, Lanson was supplying champagne by royal appointment to the courts of countries such as the United Kingdom, and Spain. Lanson remains a heavy supplier of premium champagne to the British royal family and displays the coat of arms of Elizabeth II on its champagne bottles. Lanson is the third oldest house in Champagne and was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1860 by Queen Victoria. This is a very well established chamoagne, which is very popular with our 24 hour alcohol delivery service so give us a call when your nearest corner shop isnt open.

If there is one Non-Vintage Brut Champagne that is universally appreciated, it is surely Lanson Black Label, a great classic with a fresh and elegant style. Lanson champagne is well suited to any occasion, whether reserved dinner party or an epic heart raging party, woe are here for your Lanson champagne delivery. Lansonoozes Hints of spring flowers with a touch of toast and honey. This is followed by strong fruit and balancing citrus flavours. Its distinctive taste and aroma has pleased tastebuds and nostrils worldwide for centuries, a certified champagne indeed. Lanson are also one of the few producers to prevent malolactic fermentation, keeping their wines crisp and refreshing. The wine then has extended ageing in the historical wine cellars to mature and soften. This classic bottle of champagne is available in most off licences near you and failing that, our 24 hour off licence delivery service can deliver anytime!

Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne 750ml\75cl