Swizzels sweets founders Alfred and Maurice Matlow launched Matlow Bros. Ltd making jelly sweets in a small factory in London, 1928. The Matlows soon joined forces with another sweet factory owner, David Dee to share factory space in East London. Swizzels sweets then, specialised in manufacturing fizzy sweets in compressed tablet form. In 1933 sweet giant Swizzels Ltd was formed. Much success was to follow in the years to come but but the key date for us here,  was in 2015 when Swizzels added two new flavours to their Squashies lines: Drumstick Sour Cherry & Apple and Drumstick Bubblegum. 


Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Bubble Gum flavour – A thrilling new sweet that sees your favourite brand transformed into a tasty squashy gum format. This bubblegum flavoured sweet has been a real favourite among the UK since its release and it continues to outshine competition. We found we had no choice but to have it available with our 24 hour sweet delivery service as through our market research we found it was a strong sweet favourite in every off licence around.


Being peckish late at night when your nearest off licence isnt open can be quite fustrating as there are few 24 hour snack delivery services. Yourtwenty4 is a 24 hour off licence delivery service that aims to solve the problem of not being able to get lat night snack delivery near you. Our snacks delivery service can provide you with a range of snacks, including drumstick bubblegum for late night delivery, so be sure to check our 24 hour snacks menu rather than struggling typing in 24 hour snacks delivery near me.


Swizzels Drumstick Bubblegum Sqaushies